Friday, 11 January 2013

SQL Server 2012: Tabular & Multidimensional models on the same machine

Wow, 3 posts in a day - must be a record for me !

I have been trying to compare the pros and cons of moving to tabular for my company.  I wanted to be able to look at them side my side, but it wasn't obvious how to.  Luckly someone else worked it out for me:

Big thanks to James Serra for working this out !

Space issues when installing Data Services patches and upgrades

I thought I'd pass on an issue I had installing the latest Data Services patch.

The patches are compressed with WinRAR.  When you double click on the patch, it decompresses it to your temporary directory.  In our case that was on the C: drive, but the server in question did not have enough room on the C: drive.  This resulted in a corrupted install of data services - not good !

To fix this, I did the following:

Open a command prompt as administrator.

Manually set the TMP and TEMP variables to point to another location (in out case f::\temp).  I then ran the patch executable from this command prompt session.  This successfully uncompressed.  I then did a 'repair' of my data services installation which fixed the problem.

I hope this saves you from having the same issue !

Happy New Year !

I'm back at work and getting into a few new things.  SQL Server 2012, specifically Tabular models.  Also upgrading SAP Data Services to the latest patch set.

What will 2013 bring ?  Will the big data hype settle down.  Will the NO-SQL crowd be subsumed by the NEW-SQL crowd ?  Will the industry come up with some more buz-words (That one's a definite !)

Anyway, happy new year to my reader(s) !