Monday, 12 February 2007

The future of Sybase

(Copied from my old website).

People often ask me if Sybase will still be around in X years. The short answer is absolutely.

Firstly, this is my own personal opinion. As I used to work for Sybase I am somewhat biased, but I am presenting my reasons here and you can judge for yourself. Note also my figures are just to illustrate my point. If I did know the real figures (which I dont) I would not be allowed to use them anyway.

Since I first started working for Sybase around 7 years ago Sybase has grown in terms of RDBMS sales every year. "What ?" you say, I thought Sybase had lost market share. That really depends on what you are asking. The database industry (as has the whole software industry) has been growing every year for decades. There has been an explosion in the number of RDBMS systems deployed over the past 10 years and Sybase has grown with it. What you have probably heard (which is true) is that Sybase has lost market share as a percentage of market size. So when the world wide market for RDBMS systems was say, 500,000 (for arguments sake - I dont know the figures) Sybase had 20% of the market, or 100,000 customers. Due to Market growth the world wide market is now at least tens of millions (a conservative guess I would think). So if the worldwide market is now 20,000,000 (which does not seem as unreasonable guess) and Sybase has 3% of that market then Sybase has 600,000 customers - growth of 600% !

This of course refers to Enterprise RDBMS sales alone. Sybase sells over 100 other products (including several other databases) and some of those products are the most popular in their industry segment, for Example Adaptive Server Anywhere, which has around 70% of the mobile and embedded database market. Sybase is doing quite well really.

Update: Since I wrote this a few years ago, Sybase has acquired several companies, ASE 15 has been released and Sybase has continued to do fine.

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